google buzz 7 Reasons Why Not to Overstuff Your Blog with Advertising

7 Reasons Why Not to Overstuff Your Blog with Advertising

Blogs should be structured with a good layout which must motivate the readers to navigate easily through the content in the blog. You  should remember that advertising should be a part of blog and it should not be overloaded.

 7 Reasons Why Not to Overstuff Your Blog with AdvertisingYou should understand the advantages of advertising and use them appropriately with good content. Advertising in blogs should be in a manner that it should not cause any loss for your blog readers. Your own reputation should not be lost due to advertisements.

These are some of the reasons given below why not to overstuff your blog with Advertising:

1. Readers may lose interest:

While going through the content and because of the clumsy look from these advertisements, readers may lose interest for further reading and hence gets de-motivated.

2. Takes more time for blog loading:

Due to overstuffing blog with advertisements, it will take more time to open due to these advertisements. Hence it may give chance for readers and visitors to lose interest on your website or blog.

3. Chance for the readers to divert towards other websites:

Because of overstuffing of the advertisements, readers may attract towards the advertisements in your blog and divert towards them this may cause loss to your blog.

4. Your own product could not be sold:

There will also chances that your own products could not be sold because they attract to the advertisement of the same product which can be offered lesser than your price. Hence you lose profits and this will benefit your competitors.

5. Search rankings get declined by the search engines:

Overstuff of advertisements in the blog can result in penalizing by the search engines. This can be due to various reasons like increase in page load time which may cause in losing visitors. Hence proper care should be taken while accepting the advertisements.

6. Followers of your blog may lose confidence on your reviews:

Due to increase in advertisement in your blog, readers gets intimated that the blog is meant for making money and hence reader comes to a decision that the reviews provided by you on your blog regarding the different products may not be trustful. Hence your readers will lose confidence on your blog. So care should be taken while writing those reviews on different products.

7. Your blog objective may not be reached to the followers of your blog effectively: Every blog will have their own objectives. Some blogs objective will be providing technical updates and some will be providing good reviews of products etc but due to overstuff of advertisements the motto of blog may lost.

Hence though the advertisement bring profit to you, at the same time overstuff of advertisements will bring these disadvantages stated above.

You should make use of advertisements in a proper way. This shows your potential and it should not create inconvenience or divert the attention of your readers.

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