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American Airlines Email Marketing The Wrong Way

Today I have read a blog post of David Meerman Scott how he has been approached by AA (American Airlines) online by email marketing.

aa logo1 American Airlines Email Marketing The Wrong Way To keep a long story short, they approached him the totally wrong way. They did not take into account his member status and nothing about his membership at all, even they had all the information needed to personalize this (opt in) email campaign down to the size of his shoes, theoretically. But they did not!

AA took the short and easy way and did not leverage the information they had from him an s valued long year customer.

Instead of this they pitched him with an unpersonal dump email and indirectly showed him that he is not valued by them.

Today you can segment customers with email systems out there which are able to personalize a campaign down to the size of your shoes.

I think they simply did not care that there are differences in email marketing. And to do it right, they have to have a deeper understanding what email marketing is and how to use it. This takes effort which they did not invested this time.

I am looking forward to read from their next attempt and I hope David Meerman Scott will post it as well.

I am also curious if AA monitors social media and blogs and if the next email campaign will reflect David’s blog post.

Let’s see what will happen.

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Do you have similar experiences like this one with email marketing, simply tell me by commenting below.

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