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Social Media Marketing is now becoming one of the primary ways of marketing by different business organizations through out the world. With social communities like twitter, facebook, orkut dominating the industry, business organizations have developed new strategies to use these social media for improving their business.

Social Media Marketing compared to Industrial Media marketing

social media Blogging and Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is different from Industrial media marketing. Industrial media marketing comes under print media and electronic media. Here the Individualism is seen where as in Social media marketing, we have the process of expressing there views, opinions, ideas, knowledge, discussions, information that can reach more people in less time. So blogger’s tend to move toward social media marketing like twitter and facebook.

In blogging the individual need not need particular skills and training for blogging and hence it is being used by many of the people all around the world. As the Internet has become the globalized tool in today’s world the organizations are using internet applications for the promotion of there products for reaching more people. For that purpose Blogging has become the tool for social media marketing.

If we speak in the view of business then in social media marketing, customer himself is becoming an advertising tool for the organizations in the promotion of their products. Here the customer is expressing his views and opinions individually that can be helpful as a feedback for the organizations for the development of there firms.

Blogging is nothing but sharing of knowledge and information with many people all around the world. It is not possible for many organizations to reach the people all around the world for the promotion of their organizations Blogging is becoming there tool and customer as a promoter if the customers are satisfied with their product. As now a day’s service is becoming an invisible profit tool for many organizations so customer’s satisfaction is becoming essential for the business organizations.

In this Blogging the people express there own opinions and views as there is no pressure or force against them and they are free to express and it can easily reach the people. There are many social media marketing blogs at present by which we can imagine how fast it is reaching the public. Some of the famous social media marketing tools are digg, reditt, propeller, mixx, stumbleupon and delicious. These provide information to thousands of people visiting their website and if our product is popular, then it is displayed in their top search results.

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