google buzz Leverage Your Business With Blogosphere Power?

Leverage Your Business With Blogosphere Power?

advertising Leverage Your Business With Blogosphere Power?Blogvertising = Blog Advertising is a way to address your targeted audience through a blog and a blogger who is writing about this topic.

Blogvertising is a great word of mouth tool and has become a powerful alternative to traditional advertising for early adopters.

There are several ways for advertisers to step into blogvertising to reach potential new buyers.

Banner adds on the blog

A banner ad is a form of online advertising. It entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. The intense is to attract traffic to a website. Banners are mostly made as images as gif, png and jpg. They also include effects ad sound.

You can buy add space on a blog which targets your potential buyers. This can be a great ad on for the below mentioned tactics as well.

Acquire a paid text link back to your website

A paid text link back, appears on the blog similar like Google Ads and stays there as long as you want. People like to click on text links which are written as classified ads. Text links are mostly short and ask the reader to take action. Also they are rated as a back link through search engines and many back links from PR (Page Rank) websites are able to increase your PR as well.

Let the blogger write a sponsored review about your product and your business

You simply ask a blogger to write about your product and services and negotiate a price for the paid review. This paid review should be enclosed on the end of the sponsored post. You can not and you should not even try to push the blogger to write in your personal interest. The blogger is free to write his personal opinion.

A sponsored blog post can help you to announce your products and services to your targeted audience.  The power of the blogosphere can help you to step into a two way conversation with your potential clients and massively to build traffic, links and valuable feedback for your business.

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