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Top 10 Social Media Marketing sites for online business

social media waste of time Top Social Media Sites For Online BusinessSocial Media marketing is one of the effective Internet marketing strategies for your online business in Internet today. There are hundreds of social media marketing sites available in Internet. Finding out the effective ones from these for your keyword niche is very difficult as there are many websites which have millions of customers but they don’t really participate effectively in conversations.

Top Social Media Sites For Online Business

Given are the top 10 social communities which are listed after thorough research to cater the needs to a specific niche for your website or online business. Some of these social communities focus very broadly. It is appreciated to join these sites and start a new topic relevant to your niche and start organizing friends.

  • Technorati: Technorati is very important site for your website. Technorati rank has good prominence in market.
  • Mixx: Get your website or business listed in Mixx. This provides chance to send mails to all members who join under you.
  • Propeller: Propeller is similar to Mixx. It provides chances to provide new stories and discussions. Don’t forget to add your profile url with your website or blog.
  • I am bored: I am bored is one good website for providing new and latest stories. It provides options to provide your website or blog link to publish in website.
  • Reddit: Write compelling news about your website in reddit. With millions of followers for reddit, your marketing can reach more people in less time.
  • Digg: Digg allows submitting stories and allows publishing them under news or videos or articles. Digg provides flexibility to digg your articles by your followers or friends and also allow them to publish these articles or topics in their feed.
  • Similarly there are other social media marketing sites like blogged, blogcatalog, mylot, blogged, stumbleupon which provide huge traffic to your website or blog.

Not only these sites, there are social communities which exchange lot of information and provide chances for exchanging links with other websites.

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